I’m Back- A Birthday Wish

Hello Friends.                                     29 August, 2015

Sorry to have been so quiet for the last three months. I have been on holiday in Tuscany since mid – May and have not produced any blog posts. But now I’m back and hope you are all ready to receive a few modest thoughts from my archives and memory. I couldn’t pass up this important date on my personal calendar because today is a special day for birthdays.

My favourite actress of all time – Ingrid Bergman –  would have been 100 years old today. She was born in Stockholm on 29 August, 1915 and died on the same date – her 67th birthday – 29 August 1982 in London after a battle with cancer. beri021a

Another special person in my life, my first-born son Michael was also born on this day, 54 years ago. UnknownFortunately, he is healthy and well and now living by the sea on the Kent coast.


I am writing a blog post on each of these two stars and will publish them in the next few days. For now, please join me in wishing them a Happy Birthday.