My Son Mark

born 15 April, 1967

I recently published a blog post about my experiences with the Russians in London over 50 years ago. Unfortunately, I left off a photo of our family returning from Britain on the SS United States in 1967. Well, here it is.

on the SS United States, 1967

You can see our youngest son, Mark on his mother’s lap in the bright sunshine as we crossed the Atlantic heading for New York. Tomorrow, Mark will be 53 years old and I would like to wish him all the best in his many pursuits of photography, music and art on his birthday. With love from Dad.

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  1. Joe, I just read your “Spy” story and was riveted !!!! What a gift you have. The pictures of you and Pat during your adventures are so great. My word you guys were intrepid. The photo of Pat and the boys is wonderful. Keep the story and the pictures coming. Love to you and Pat and Michael and Joey and Mark xxxx

  2. Happy birthday Mark,
    Ill always cherish our childhood memory of playing together at uncle Joe’s house.I remember you with the fake blood ,we scared everyone, well for a second anyway till your dad gave us away,lol
    That day was so much fun.
    Happy birthday cuz.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I was obsessed with all that joke/magic stuff. The time doth fly! I hope you’re well and staying safe. X

  3. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the photo. All of this brings back many fond memories from our days in London with you and the family. Hard to believe that Mark will be 53; so don’t just ask how old that makes us. Happy birthday to Mark and a fond hello to you, Pat and the entire McEvoy clan.

    Keep safe.

    Charlie (Chuck) D

    1. Thanks Chuck! I’m finding it hard to believe too. I’m still around 24 in my head. All the best to you and your family. X

  4. Happy Birthday Mark. Seeing the photo and your beautiful mother put a smile on my face. Julian

  5. Thank you for your entertaining reminiscences. I can’t believe you have a 53 year old son. Great to see a photo of your family.

  6. So beautiful…Pat, as always, looks like an Italian movie star. Mark looks like Joel! Those other two…Oh, my God, on a boat for days in the middle of the Atlantic with Michael and Joey exploding with energy and too much rascalness! The photo pulses! xo If Mark is 53, then we have know you 43 years, more than half our lives.

    1. I’m sure we were quite a handful on the way back in ‘73 floating on the QEII! Nothing like having a few family adventures to recall. Your casting for the Sam Mendes feature was spot on btw.

  7. Thanks Daddyo! Loved you recent blog. You had me gripped from start to finish. As many times as I’ve heard that story there was so much detail and personal emotion making every step absolutely compelling. You’re a natural storyteller, you always have been, brightening up our childhood with your adventurous pursuits. Keep em coming. Sending love. X

  8. Dad! What an amazing photo! Me and Joey look like we’re thorougly enjoying the adventure! ~

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