9 thoughts on “spy in from the cold(cont’d)”

  1. Joe, I have always loved hearing these stories over many years and this is great to see it set out so clearly. What a great film this would make as Mary says! It’s wonderful to see Vera finally! Thanks so much for sharing and keep these coming – it’s wonderful family history!

  2. What a story ! What a life ! WhAt a family ! And to imagine that I actually know you ! Amazing !
    And I must add “2 World Wars and 1 World Cup … do da do da” and also the Dacras was my favourite restaurant too ! I wondered about the people and what their stories were, they looked so interesting … ha now I know why ! And the food was great !
    Joe thank you for a great story … had me in the edge of my seat .. and an excellent birthday present for Mark too !
    You need to write a book ! A best seller for sure ! 😘

  3. Wow Dad! This is a pretty amazing tale…told very well! I’m glad that your run in with the CIA didn’t hamper any of you radical anti-war activties. Fearless to the max! (or should I say the ‘fearless Mac!’)

  4. Hi Mac,
    I enjoyed this outstanding and captivating report with greatest interest from my German lock down.
    What a perfect story teller you are! Please go on. When are you going to publish such entertaining stories?
    Best regards

  5. Really enjoying the tale, JoeBoy! It flows beautifully and keeps me engaged, anticipating hungrily for what is coming next!
    Looking forward to more!

  6. Joe, I can not believe this story. This is your film, your opera, your play. IT would make such a brilliant theater piece. I remember bits of the Alexander story but this story is so beautifully written and the
    photographs are fabulous! Thank you…keep writing! Who shall we cast as you? hmm, Damian Lewis? and for Pat..Rachel Weisz? Let’s get Sam to direct it! xoxoMary

  7. Just loved it! Joe, you have such a gift for storytelling (you think?). I’m sure that you could tweak your factual narrative as fiction and have another career. Go for it. You have some spare time, don’t you? Seriously, you’re good!

  8. A very interesting and compelling story. I have one friend who taught in Moscow for a semester and experienced attempts by the Russians to try to compromise him by sending prostitutes to his hotel room. Fortunately he knew not to have anything to do with the offers.

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