8 thoughts on “My Favourite Film of All Time”

  1. Your panache has paid off so often. How surprised am I that you so boldly asked the question? Not. A lost opportunity, for sure. Kepler will remain a lesser known personality who might have come to cinematic life! Keep it up, my author friend.

  2. What a great idea Joe. With the renewed interest in space with the new US Spaceforce, the idea of a Netflix miniseries sounds timely. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences~ they are a delight to read!

  3. Aw Dad… this is a bitter sweet blog post. The concept of this film is so great!
    Of course it would be a great film, but in the current climate of well financed TV production I believe it could make a fantastic 6-8 part Amazon or Netflix series.

  4. Dear Joe

    Fascinating story. I think it would make a great miniseries on Masterpiece Theatre. There are so many stories within the story
    And a mini Series Would allow all of the aspects to be explored. In any case I learned a lot from your proposal that I was completely unfamiliar with. Keep up the good work. I still think you could collect your blogs into a book.

    1. Ted,
      Thanks for your encouraging comments. I AM thinking about collecting these blogs into a book.
      There are about 30 by now.

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