A Test Post

Dear Friends,

I have been having trouble with my blog posts lately and have no idea if my most recent thoughts have been getting to you. (How have you managed ?) So I’m sending a test to see if this transmits.

Let me know if anything turns up. I’m even sending a picture to give a full trial.


17 thoughts on “A Test Post”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Yes, received your post. Here is hoping you are doing well. With pandemic we have no thoughts about coming to London anytime soon. Take care, Charlie (Chuck)

  2. Dear Joe,
    I received your test post today. If you have sent others recently, nothing came through to me. Keep writing! Your posts are not only informative but are also entertaining.
    All best to you,

  3. Hi Joe, how are you? Yes I am receiving your posts with the picture. Take care and send my love to all.


  4. I got this …. but nothing Since your anniversary picture which I LOVED !!!!
    Like the Eagle hat too …. but hey THE BROWNS ….. hahha or at least the Steelers for me !!!!

  5. Hi Papi! I’m able to see this post and the picture you included as well. Hope the technological difficulties clear up soon. Em xx

  6. I’m hoping I get all your posts because I love reading them. They always make my day !!!!
    Please keep them coming !!!!

    1. debbie,
      i just got the glitch on my blog fixed so I’ll be sending you a new post soon about attending a gig when Michael played with Steve
      Winwood years ago in Italy. Hope you’re well my dear and coping with your malady like the trouper you are.

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