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Dear Friend,
I am writing a blog about my years in London and would like to invite you to become a follower. Although you will not have editing privileges, you will be able to leave comments and will receive updates each time I publish a new post. I will be blogging about science, travel (especially Italy), sports, theatre, family and the unusual personalities I have met since I first left New Jersey in the mid-60s. It’s easy to opt out.
I promise not to be boring!  Just click on ‘Home’ to see the posts.
All the best, Joe McEvoy 

19 thoughts on “An Invitation”

  1. Nostalgia for what was certainly a special time. So glad you have been successful, and happy for Dion’s great friend Michael’s success. My favorite memory of M is hearing him running down the stairs outside our London flat, loudly chanting the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Could anyone forget that? My husband, Dennis Joyce, and I, live in Sarasota, FL after long stints in NY and Sanibel Island. I never could take the cold….I am long retired from my work with the Mayor’s office of adult literacy and with the adult literacy in NY; Dennis is a wonderful, funny and dedicated painter/sculptor.
    Dion lives outside Chicago with his wife Cynthia and our two grandadults, Kaleigh and Gavin. Noel and his wife Marianne live with their dogs in Lake Tahoe. Sadly, N injured his neck/back seriously some years ago and hasn’t been able to work since, although they both love Tahoe and have a good life there. Again sadly, he hasn’t been able to ski since the injury. We visit them all in the summer, they visit us in winter. I would love to live near to any and all of them, but, more than ever, I can’t take the cold. I remember you most fondly. Your blog post re fooling your wife as a waiter reminded me of running into a freshly shaven you in our London hallway and thinking this must be Joe’s brother. Congratulations on the publication of your two books, one on the amazing SH! If they were novels, I’d be on to right now. Anyway, you look and sound happy and fulfilled. I wish you the best, love and cherished memories, Francesca Joyce (Fran Richetti that was.)

  2. Great stories so far, looking forward to more. I still remember your reported surprise when I got the highest score in an early test in AP physics, as it had never occurred to me that I might not. Went on, en passant, to be a physics TA in college, and earn my doctorate in ergonomics and biomechanics. Thanks for help laying the groundwork.

  3. Hi, Dr. Mac,
    Loved reading your blog so far. Thanks for the invite!! Your ears should be burning!!! I have a daughter who is a junior and trying to decide between Honors Physics and AP Physics. The discussions we have about it include sharing memories of my favorite Science class at ASL. Although I’m an OT, science was never my favorite subject, but you made it fascinating. I vaguely remember hearing the concept of a Black Hole (not sure I really ever figured out what it was) and I vaguely remember some fascinating math involved in astronomy and zeniths, (or something like that—). Fond memories, anyway, and I look forward to more of your blog. (She has decided Honors Physics, I think, at this point.)
    God bless
    Jo Ellen Randolph Richardson ’80.

  4. Lots of memories of AP Physics – especially our trip to Munich. It’s great to see you writing a blog. I look forward to seeing it unfold. Warm wishes to you,
    Tricia Antoniuk (’76)

  5. I also have fond memories of AP physics back in 1981-1982. I will be happy to follow the blog, if I can figure out how!

  6. I never had the pleasure of being in one of your classes (and with 7 years at ASL under my belt, I have no idea how that happened!). I look forward to reading your blog.

  7. Dr Mac, So excited to once again be able to ‘experience’ you 🙂 You left a huge impression on me in the classroom and on the bball court! You changed lives and you changed destinies because of your passion. Fast break basketball is still how I coach – “because I had this coach in HS who thought it was the most fun to play and watch” for years the girls I have coached have heard about you! Patti Glavin O’Mara (class of ’78)

    1. Patti,
      How great to hear from you. So glad you use the fast break. I still have a B & W photo hanging on my wall of you making an outlet pass to Pauline, starting a break. I’m doing fine, still in London and now enjoying writing the blog which brought us together. Needless to say, I often think of the teams I coached at ASL. Great memories.
      Dr. Mac

  8. I am also one of your past AP physics students from ASL – way past. I really enjoyed your course (I went on to get a BS in physics and a MS in EE – I had to eat) but I really enjoyed your stories – so I’m not surprised to see you memoir (a verb?). I remember one story in which you described a rather disturbing bladder procedure – gave me the willies. You also allowed to me to light-one-up to enhance an optical laser setup you had created. Brett Haley (Class of 77).

  9. Dr. Mac, (you will always be that in my mind!)

    Thanks for the invitation- of course I’ll follow you! I so remember AP Physics and was humbled to be in that class with you teaching and so many really smart peers. Your enthusiasm was so inspiring, even if I didn’t always get the concepts! I saw you last in Greenwich CT for an alumni event about 10? years ago, and recall how excited you were to see a former student. Don’t worry, few of us will ever forget you.

  10. my my ! certainly a name that brings back fond memories -esp from AP Physics!!
    Would be glad to be among the early joiners !
    Yosuke Itoh (class of 81)

    1. Yosuke,
      You know, I remember you because you seem to come up with solutions to problems which were different than mine. Often your solutions were more lengthy but always correct. You taught me something valuable. Good to hear from you.
      Joe McEvoy

      1. Joe – I’m flabberghasted & flattered that you still remember me after …30 odd years !! Somehow, I have not been able to shake off my penchant for finding “the Jeep Way” instead of shooting for the shortest, most clean cut route to solving problems.- if only I could….I would be making a little more money now (^ ^ ). Do look me up if and when you have a chance to drop by this side of the big pond (am no longer in Chicago or London, but have in Tokyo for the last 10 years)!!.

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