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J.P. McEvoy was born in the USA and received his B.S. in physics and mathematics at St. Joseph’s College (now University) in 1959. He attributes the strong liberal emphasis of his undergraduate training for his decision to eventually give up research to concentrate on teaching and writing. After receiving the Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, he began work as a research physicist at the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in NJ where he was named the David Sarnoff Doctoral Fellow and set sail for England to continue his research. With his PhD in physics from the University of London in 1967, he returned to the USA as a research associate at the RCA Laboratories in Princeton, NJ. In 1973 he emigrated with his family back to England and has lived in London since then.

His two books written for Icon, Introducing Stephen Hawking, and Introducing Quantum Theory have been acclaimed world wide and and translated into a dozen languages. To launch the former, McEvoy and Hawking presented a science evening to a packed house at the Royal Albert Hall in 1995. He has also written a book on the History of Solar Eclipses for Fourth Estate and his latest book for Constable/Robinson titled: A Brief History of the Universe, is selling throughout the English-speaking world. Recently, he received the prestigious founder’s award given by the American School in London for Inspiring and Dedicated Service to Education. He lives in London with his wife Patricia, a family therapist.

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